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January 29, 2019 Decoration Ideas

Wall Stencils on Focal Walls

By using wall stencils that come in many styles you could dramatically enhance the beauty and visual appeal of walls having a purpose of being focal points. This DIY decorating method could easily be done by anyone as long as the appropriate materials and utensils are prepared along with clear understanding on the ways to get it done.

Custom Wall Stencils

Custom Wall Stencils

Preparations and Materials of Wall Stencils

Before trying to attempt stenciling the wall that you are choosing, these materials should all be prepared. You will have to have stencil, stencil brush, painter’s tape, pencil, wall color paint, accent color paint, paper towels and also level. In preparing those things, be sure to get some spares ready as well especially in terms of the tools. Meanwhile the wall that you are going to apply the stencils itself should also be prepared. Cleaning the wall then apply the base paint color as you desired if the wall is not in your desired color already.

25 Inspiration Gallery from Wall Stencils on Focal Walls

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Creating the Actual Wall Decals

Once you have all the materials and preparations done then start the stenciling process by choosing a starting point. It will affect the layout of the stencils later on. Paint the stencil design that you have using dry brush method. On this method you should dip the bristles tip in paint then put away its excess on paper towel by dapping it. Continue the process using the stippling method which means dapping to the brush directly against the openings of the stencils. Hold the stencils for a while in purpose of ensuring sharp lines. Create registration points then move the stencils to other section and repeat the process until the whole wall is fully stenciled. In order to create a seamless look as if it is wallpaper, continue the stenciling up to the wall edges and trims as well.

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