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Removing the Ants Brick Walkway

A brick walkway is an attractive alternative to standard cement sidewalk alternative. Ants find their way into a tunnel like taking away from the look of the brick surface. Pests also use these surfaces leading to his house to invade the house for shelter and food at a time. Chemical pesticides eliminate the ants, but these products are not safe on all surfaces. A totally natural method effectively eliminates ants without causing damage to the runway.

Architectural Brick Walkway

Architectural Brick Walkway

Fill a spray bottle with undiluted white vinegar enough to cover the ants are on the catwalk. Fill a medium to large pot with water for brick walkway. Place the pot on the stove. Turn off the stove over medium-high to high heat. Leave the stove until the water inside the pot comes to a “rolling” or complete, boiling. Once this occurs, turn off the stove and put a lid on the pot.

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Put on oven mitts. Take the outer cover pot. Pour water slowly over the brick walkway. Cover all ants are with water. Pour slowly to avoid spilling or splashing water on yourself. Retrieve the spray bottle filled with vinegar. Back out and sprinkle with vinegar gateway. Vinegar covers the trail of ants, confusing and prevent its return. The smell of vinegar also deters ants returning to the area.

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