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Craft Table Renovate

Craft table – An old table is a perfect surface for crafts. The oldest tables are usually made of stronger materials and more skillfully than their modern versions, so the work surface will last a long time. Choose a table that has a comfortable height for you.

Table Craft Living

Table Craft Living

A table too high can make it difficult to see all surfaces of your project, a table is too low can cause you back pain and neck. No matter what size or shape is the table you use, you can create a functional and attractive space craft through a few simple steps. Clean the table and repairs any damage. Sand the surface of the table with sandpaper. Craft table depending on the condition of the table, starting with a fine sandpaper or intermediate, and sand any dirt, debris or water ring. No need to sand down the timber, just enough to remove the top layer and prepare the piece for bright sealant.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Craft Table Renovate

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Image of: Craft Table with Storage

Use a brush type brush, or failing a broom to clean sawdust from sanding. Use the foam brush to apply glossy sealer on top and table legs. Apply the sealant in long lines to minimize stretch marks. Use several coats of sealer and let the table dry completely between coats.

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